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Rent vs Buy Calculator
If you are considering buying a house, one of the first decisions you need to make is whether buying a house instead of renting one is the right direction for you. Since owning a home is one of three basic needs of "Roti, Kapda and Makan", many people simply assume that it's always to their advantage to buy a home, and for most, it is. Due to its inherent socio-economic nature, ownership of a home goes beyond pure financial considerations. Renting a house on the other hand is acceptable for the sake of convenience and financial constraints. The following Calculator helps you financially rationalise whether to Rent or Buy a property for own use.

Rent Details
At present you pay a rent/
Cash outflow you can afford
Rs. per month
You expect the rent you are
paying to increase by
% every year
The rental deposit you have paid equals Months Rental

Property Details
Property Cost(Rs.)*
You expect the price of the property you buy to increase by % every year
* The property cost includes the basic cost + registration + car park (in case of apartments). It does not include maintenance deposit, water & electricity deposits etc.

Loan Details
% To be financed through Home Loan of Property Cost
Loan Amount(Rs.)
Rate of % Interest at which you will borrow
*Interest Calculated on Annual Rest Basis
Tenure of the Loan(Years)

Salary Details
Net Take Home Monthly Salary(Rs.)
You expect your salary to increase every
Years by  
Monthly Salary - Basic Component(Rs.)
* HRA is assumed at 40% of the Basic Salary

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